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Announcing the Saturday Song!

Okay, even though today is Friday, I couldn't wait one more day to post this! I had to choose Saturday because of the pretty alliteration. The Friday Song doesn't do it for me. From now on, every Saturday I will be posting an audio recording of a song that I sing with my children in the classroom along with the lyrics and explanations of any movements that accompany the song. The audio files are embarrassingly simple - it's just me singing a cappella. I would have accompanied myself with guitar, but my computer microphone isn't up to the challenge. Many of the songs you might already recognize, but please listen to the song before you write it off, as many of the English versions also have Spanish and/or French translations as part of the audio clip. Also, pardon the foreign lyrics, as they will be missing any accents or other letters that aren't easily available on my keyboard. I'm lazy. :)

To access the files, go to the side bar and you will find a box.net widget that is called "Songs to Sing With Children." Click once on the song title and the song will play directly from the blog - no need to download it, since you will only be listening in order to learn the song yourself. If you really want to download it, right click on the song title.

Today's Song:

It Rained A Mist / Llovio Ayer

It rained a mist, it rained a mist
It rained all over the _______, the _______,
It rained all over the _______.

Llovio ayer, llovio ayer
llovio por toda la/el ______, la/el ________,
Llovio por toda la/el ______.

The sample I give in the audio clip uses school/escuela. The Spanish translation is not exact, as the exact translation doesn't rhyme. The Spanish means "It rained yesterday."

We begin by singing the "school" version, then the children can raise their hands and suggest a place/thing that is rained on. For example, you would continue with "it rained all over the car/house/plants/trees/flowers, etc. for the other verses, whatever the children suggest.

Also, I want to make a plug for "The Garden Song (Inch by Inch)" which I have also posted in the "Songs to Sing with Children" box. This is a great time of year to be talking about botany, doing experiments with seeds and plants, and planting in your classroom garden (or indoor herbs/flowers if you aren't lucky enough to have outdoor space.) The Garden Song is perfect for this time of year.