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Iron-on vinyl. The answer to all Montessori prayers.

Yes. You read correctly ... iron-on vinyl exists!!! This means:

1.) No more searching in vain for different kinds of oilcloth and water-resistant fabrics.
2.) Matching mats for any practical life activity that requires a cute apron!
3.) We are no longer limited by monochromatic color-coding for materials that use water. Envision coordinated prints for washing a table, making tortillas, preparing bread, etc.!

My first project with the vinyl was a coordinating mat for the orange-juice/lime-aid get up.
I found my iron-on vinyl at Reprodepot, but I'm not sure they have it in stock at the moment. I found it for sale here on the net. It comes in a matte and glossy finish. I used matte. It seems sturdy enough, but you might consider lining both the front and the back of the fabric with it.

I learned about this from Anna Maria, who used the stuff to make some really great lunch totes for her children. Yay for inspiration from other craft bloggers!

I'm putting together a tutorial for this apron. Check back! Hope your week is going well.

:) Meg

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