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The "What's That For?" Cozy

Let's see if you can figure it out ... click on the pictures to enlarge them. Do you have an idea yet? :) This is my new "Sensitizing the Fingers" Cozy! Hand - stitched with a double layer of wool felt, this will top my mini Japanese teapot, keeping the water warm throughout the day. The pot is filled with very warm water before the children arrive. The child pours out a tiny amount of water into an authentic tea cup. This tea cup will fit a child's fingers perfectly. No extra water is wasted!

Here's what you need to make the cozy:

1.) A teapot - any size will work.
2.) Kristin Nicholas's book, Colorful Stitchery. Here you will find easy instructions on embroidery and on making a wool teapot cozy. I had never embroidered before, and now I feel pretty competent. Embroidery is a very fun piece of cake. And what a great way to add some lovely detail to the classroom environment!

3.) Wool felt. Either make your own from wool sweaters, or buy it from Magic Cabin.
4.) Embroidery thread.

Have fun with it! And sign up for the swap!


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