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tutorial - pleated pocket front door organizer

-- a place for the purse-less (a.k.a. MEN) to put their keys and wallet when they walk in the door -- a place for incoming and outgoing mail -- a place for extra change -- a place for the random stuff that would otherwise end up on the kitchen table!!


- 2 26 x 45 cm rectangles of fabric A for main panels
- 1 26 x 45 cm rectangle of heavyweight sew-in interfacing
- 1 21 x 28 cm rectangle of fabric B for the larger pocket*
- 1 16 x 28 cm rectangle of fabric B for the smaller pocket
- 1 9 x 10 cm rectangle of fabric A for the key pocket
- 1.21 meters of bias tape (this should be made from a contrasting fabric C. This will need to be cut into 4 strips of 28 cm each, and one strip of 9 cm.**
- rick-rack or other trimmings if you desire
-two extra-large grommets and accompanying hardware

*If your fabric is not very heavy, you might consider using a fusible interfacing to back the larger and smaller pockets.

*Make your own bias tape! In fact, this tape doesn't need to be cut on the bias, because it will not be rounding any corners. It's easy - cut cut a 1.25 meter strip of fabric, 8 cm in width. Fold over both long edges toward the center and press. Fold in half and press.1.) Baste the heavyweight interfacing to the back main panel using a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

2.) Attach bias tape to the top edge of all 3 pockets, topstitching and catching all layers in the seam. At this time you can sew on rick-rack or other trimmings to the edges.
3.) Fold over the side edges of the key pocket 1/4 inch and press. Make a pleat in the bottom edge and pin, right sides together, facing down on the large pocket. Stitch strait across edge using a 1/4 in. seam allowance. Trim excess. Pin so that the pocket is not laying flat, and topstitch sides very close to the edges.4.) Measure 22 cm up on the front large panel. Place small pocket right side down, facing down. Pin edges so they are flush with the front panel edges. Now, with the "extra" fabric, made an inverted pleat in the middle and pin. Stitch along the pleat edge with a 1/2 in. seam allowance. Unpin the top edges, fold up pocket, and press, and pin edges once again. Baste the edges to the front of the panel.

5.) Pin the large pocket to the front panel, right side up, lining up the sides and bottom edge. Pin the sides first, then make an inverted pleat with the extra fabric at the center. Baste all three sides in place.

6.) Pin just the long sides of the front panel to the back panel, right sides facing. Stitch using 3/8 in. seam allowance. Trim, turn, and press.

7.) Center the remaining pieces of bias tape along the unfinished edges and pin in place. Fold the edges toward the back, like you're wrapping a present. Sew along the edge, catching all layers in the seam.

8.) About 1 inch in from the top sides, on the bias tape strip, install the grommets using the manufacturer's instructions.

9.) Hang on some hooks by your front door and enjoy!


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