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painting with feet

birding, boxes, and beeswax

I'm loving this vocabulary card pouch set that I whipped up to go with my Audubon Field Guide bird cards. These field guides are available for mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects, butterflies, and marine mammals. Buy two (used) sets of the field guide, then cut them all up. Make copies of the informational section on each animal, then paste all the photos to card stock, pasting the copy of the information on the back of the picture only card. Here's what they should look like when the set is complete: Ahem. My apologies to those who read this post before it was complete. My cat just published the post while I was away from the computer. Thank you, cat. Always so helpful.

I wanted to direct you to my blogging friend Leah, whose blog, HomeWork, has some great offerings. Please go and check out her tutorials - she has young children, and many of the projects are child/family friendly. Here are just a few, photos courtesy of Leah.

How to make beeswax candles

Also, check out Mod Podge masterpieces, here and here!

Until next time, unless the cat decides to publish again.


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