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corduroy embroidered pillow

corduroy embroidered pillow
Before leaving on our trip, I threw together some scrap fabric and embroidery floss for an easy traveling project. corduroy embroidered pillow 2 I cut out the shapes and adhered them to the corduroy with Steam-A-Seam sticky back fusible web, threw it in a bag with some rick-rack and thread, and then embroidered with leisure during my outbound journey. The return journey was dedicated to Harry Potter, of course. I finished yesterday! My lips are zipped.

Also, shimmy on over to my new Flickr photos. A big thanks to Reese and Wendy for giving me some invaluable tips. I am now able to download with ease. The only bummer is that the medium size on Flickr doesn't fit in my template. I tried shrinking it proportionally to the necessary dimensions in the HTML code, but it ended up really reducing the quality - I could see the pixels! So, I'll have to figure out a way to remove the border around the photo and just deal with the fact that part of the right side will be cut off. Oh well. You can always click on the photo and it will take you to the un-cut version in Flickr.
embroidery floss on moss

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