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reading pillow pattern

Reading Pillow 2
Who wouldn't want to curl up with one of these and get lost in a book!? This has to be my favorite pattern. It was a hair-puller to conceptualize and put onto paper, but I'm ecstatic about the results! I only wish I had it finished when I was reading that heavy, heavy Harry Potter. Alas. From now on, I will be reading in absolute comfort, and you will too, once you have one of these on your lap!

Inspired by my grandma's well-loved reading pillow, this pattern adds some funky and useful twists, such as handmade piping, a built-in book mark, page holders, and pockets for your reading glasses and pencils.

As a teacher, I think these pillows have awesome potential for encouraging reading. I imagine that a collection for the elementary classroom would do wonders. A reading pillow would come in handy for anyone of reading age. Think of the possibilities - homeschooling, family reading time, college students, and grandparents. The days of reading = upper body workout need not continue!!

Today I'm making pumpkin pie. When I was back in California I grabbed an organic mix from my mom's pantry and dropped it in my luggage. I just can't wait for October. I see the can every time I walk into my kitchen. It has seduced me. Yum.

I hope you've been having a wonderful weekend!


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