rain stick - palo de lluvia
you're in for a treat!

ta ta for now, and an art project to keep you busy...

while I'm on vacation! I will be taking a bit of a bloggy break while my husband and I are jet setting around North America. First stop, Kentucky for a friend's wedding. Second stop, Nevada City, California for a visit with my parents, grandparents, brothers, and nieces. Plus, I'll be packing very light, leaving plenty of room for the new fabric stash I will be bringing back with me!

In the meantime, try this psychedelic art project. You'll have as much fun as the kids!


* white poster board
* a stash of large crayons
* black liquid shoe polish
* black washable tempera paint
* larger paint brush
* newspaper
* toothpicks

*I used a small square of poster board for this photo shoot, but I suggest you color an entire sheet.

1.) Using so much force that you work up a sweat, color the poster board using the crayons. You need to push HARD. The more colors you use and the more often you change color, the better. The point here is not to make a design. It's simply to get plenty of different colors.

2.) Coat the entire sheet with liquid shoe polish. Wait for it to dry.

3.) Using your paint brush, add a coat of black paint. Allow to dry completely.

4.) Cut the poster board into smaller squares.

5.) Go at it with a toothpick! The black layer will easily scratch away, revealing the smörgåsbord of color beneath!

See you in ten days!