ta ta for now, and an art project to keep you busy...
corduroy embroidered pillow

you're in for a treat!

Here we are, back in the boondocks! It's nice to be home ... hello, bountiful garden! Hello, funny cats! Hello, sewing machine! And, oh, man, you guys are still here? Roof leaks, sink leaks, kitchen-without-a-dishwasher and scrubbing-board-where-there-should-be-a-washing-machine? I guess you all come as part of the "It's so charming to live in rural Mexico" package? (Insert sarcastic smile here.)

We had a wonderful time this past week and a half with family and friends, and we had great fun documenting our vacation with our new camera. Here's a little photo journal to give you a taste of the loveliness you will be witnessing with more frequency in my blog posts!

Flowers in my parents' yard
My niece at the pool
Her friend the froggie
My grandfather
The precious cargo that is making my fingers itch with crafty anticipation
Whoopdee! A humongous pile of fabric and a fantastic camera ... how am I going to be able to do anything other than make things and blog about them?
Can I ask for your expertise? Do any of you use Flickr to upload your photos to your blogs? I have (supposedly) set up my flickr account to be able to download directly to Blogger, but it only allows me to upload one photo per post. Also, the photo comes out somehow chopped - it seems to cut off one of the gray borders (see the previous post.) Any Flickr tips? Do I need to upgrade to a pro account to be able to do what I want to do?

It's nice to be back to the blogging world! I've missed you all!

:) Meg

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