the third pattern
montessori child's apron pattern

a walk in the woods

orange mushroom
We needed an escape. I've been working really hard on the patterns and the website - writing text, taking pictures, putzing around on Adobe Photoshop, and learning how to maneuver InDesign for the pattern layout. Ouf! Plus, my abso-posi-ti-va-lute-ly loverly husband has been dedicating all of his free time to designing the new pattern shop website. In short, we've been spending far too much time in front of computers in this past week.

While it was difficult "leaving it all behind" for an entire day, we made it a priority to get out-of-doors, no matter the weather. With a small backpack, lunch essentials and our swimsuits, we drove to the edge of the Copper Canyon, parked the truck and started hiking down, in thick fog. Down. Down some more. Finally we arrived at the natural hot springs at the canyon floor. After three hours relaxing in the warm pool, we began the climb out, this time with the sun peeking from behind the clouds.

A leisurely hike observing all the different varieties of fungi, noting the songs of birds, and tasting cactus fruit. Reconnecting to nature. Rejuvenating. We needed that.

foggy forest

foggy fungi

two fun guys

rekowata indigenous life

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