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prediction: ript will rock our worlds

I've been twitter pated with Bella Dia's inspiration collages for quite a while now, but I lack magazines. As much as I would love a subscription to Marie Claire Idees, I'm quite sure that the little French mag would get quite pouty at the prospect of crossing the Atlantic only to be strapped to a donkey for the last leg of its journey. C'est la vie.

Mais non! My life no longer has to be inspiration collage-less. CHECK THIS OUT! My cousin Luke just wrote a program that allows you to take any image on the web or your computer and digitally paste it onto a magazine collage!

It's called Ript. Click here to download the beta version. Read through "Quick start" to find out how easy it is to use. Even I could figure it out without Patrick, the resident computer know-it-all. I'm already seeing so many possibilities for this program - making inspiration pages for my own reference is the big one.

How cool is that?

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