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giveaway winners and a 3-day sale!

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Comments closed at 11:50 a.m. mountain time, and here's what the random number generator conjured up:
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Congratulations fiberfairy, sharon, and lynn in tucson! Please email me your choice of pattern and I will send you the file lickety-split. (montessorirevolution(at)gmail.com)

Truth be told, I just couldn't restrict myself to three giveaways. Your comments were so lovely and uplifting that I've decided to give everyone a little post-giveaway gift! Visit the pattern store and enter the following discount code (at checkout) to receive 30% off of your purchase!


The sale will close on Tuesday evening, September 4th.

And really, don't you think the world would be a better place if everyone had their own reading pillow? :)

If you are one of the awesome people who have already purchased all three of my patterns, not to worry! You will be able to receive my upcoming pattern designs at a discounted price. Expect more patterns within the month, such as a child's painting smock and the Montessori classroom pattern kit.

Add your email to my mailing list (in the sidebar) to be notified of future sales, giveaways, and new patterns.

I'm off to do some pattern designing, as Mr. Montessori By Hand is gone fishin'.

Thanks for your kindness and support,