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Mexican independence day

fireworks from the roof of the mayor's offices
September 16th is Mexico's independence day. They also have a "revolution day" (November 20th) and celebrate their 1862 victory over Napoleon III's army on Cinco de Mayo. But the night of September 15th is the most important of these remembrances. In small villages and large cities around the country, the mayor stands in front of the gathered masses and reenacts Miguel Hidalgo's 1810 call for independence from Spain. This reenactment is called "El Grito," which is literally translated as "The Yell."

We were part of last night's festivities. Here are some of the sights (and smells and sounds, if you loosen the reins of your imagination.)

covering a mango with chile sauce
cooking on an oil barrel stove
candied apples
selling flags
city officials salute the flag