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Many of you post lovely pics of your thrifting finds. I would love to claim that I, too, am a "thrifter." But considering there are no thrift stores in rural Mexico, much less any of those second-hand palaces which boast of cutsie-patootsie bedsheets and linens, I cannot claim that moniker.

However, treasures can be unearthed in the most unlikely of places:

Damascus Vibrating Shuttle Sewing Machine 1925 001
Damascus Vibrating Shuttle Sewing Machine 1925 006
Sitting in the corner of a dusty-musty store in Creel, Chihuahua, Mexico. With no less than 10 years of dust on top. I present to you my new, old, 1925 Damascus Vibrating Shuttle sewing machine. I paid 150 pesos, or about $14 US. Eureka!

One day, when I can boast of an entire room dedicated to sewing, this tired old lady will have her own special place in a sunny corner, where she will live out her golden years with the respect she deserves.

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