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Words I associate with weekends: Zoom. Whoosh. Vroom. Do yours go by as fast as mine?

Lately my weekends have consisted of working on the super-special-secret-project, and this weekend was no exception. However, I did manage to set aside a bit of personal crafting time, because I am in desperate need some new clothes. I look like a discolored, tattered, walking moth-fest. When we moved down to Mexico over two years ago, I brought a set of "old-ish" clothes, knowing that I would be roughing it a bit. No dry cleaning here. Oh yeah, come to mention it, there are no washing machines either. Anyway, the aforementioned clothes are reaching the end of their lives. Especially the shirts. I realize that, when I make myself clothes, I tend to end up with some sort of skirt or dress. What I need are shirts.

Enter Built By Wendy's book, "Sew U." I am on a shirt mission, folks. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Amelie, Mexican cat
In cat news, Mademoiselle Amelie has taken to corn. Stealing corn, to be honest. She grabs it out of the bag, jumps to the floor, and proceeds to eat. As if she were entitled to it! What a brazen little lady.
Amelie, ferocious corn eater

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