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loving those latkes

hanukkah - grating potatoes for latkes
As part of my effort to diversify the winter holiday experience for my children, today we prepared and enjoyed latkes, lit a "menorah", and learned a few traditional Jewish songs.
hanukkah - preparing the latkes
Latkes are very simple to make. Check out this site for recipe ideas.
hanukkah - lighting the "menorah"
Here's the lot of them not noticing that I'm taking their picture. ;) For the menorah, I used what I had available - eight tea lights.

Speaking of holiday traditions, the Holiday Traditions Exchange shipping deadline is this coming Monday! Also, don't forget to share any photos of swap packages (both sent and received) by uploading them to the flickr group.

Here's to a lovely (and productive?) weekend! Wish me luck as I do the layout for the new patterns!

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