the emmeline apron
loving those latkes

monsieur, madame gnome

mr. gnome outside
From the aptly named wee wonderfuls pattern collection, it's my pleasure to introduce to you Monsieur and Madame Gnome - an absolute delight to sew, and an even greater delight to look at.
mr. and mrs. outside
Holiday decorations? I think I'll have a hard time packing these away come January. Plus, if M. & M. Gnome stick around, Amelie and Timoun will have others on which to blame their daily mischief.
amelie and timoun
"Amelie, why are all of the pistachios on the floor, and why are some of them half-eaten?" Amelie responds, "Oh - that. It was Monsieur Gnome. It must have been yet another of his gravity experiments. And, well, you know how it goes ... once something is on the floor, it should be tasted."

Uh huh.

By the way, thanks to all of you who left comments telling me of your love for the Emmeline Apron! For those of you who expressed interest in testing the pattern - stay tuned. Once I have the pattern ready, I will be putting out another call, and will be outlining the requirements and my time frame (it needs to be a somewhat quick turn around, as I want to have these ready to send to the printer before Christmas.) I will only need 3 testers for each pattern - the apron and the messenger bag. You all are awesome - thanks for your enthusiastic response!


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