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a chronicle of 2008, the year of change

I've made a commitment. To myself. To do my best to see the mundane and catch it in my proverbial butterfly net, eventually transforming it into a treasure of sorts. I've signed up for Project 365.

My intentions are simple - to chronicle the last six months of our lives here in Mexico, and to provide you - and the future old lady within - a glimpse of what daily life in my 26 year-old skin was all about. Because, as Ali so eloquently stated, blogging shouldn't be the art of word-smithing around real life. It's about community and friendship. And like any dear friend, I would want you to have an un-latched window into my world, be it fascinating, boring, thoughtful, ugly, stunning, hilarious, or pensive.

I'll keep you abreast of my comings and goings every few days. Let me begin by telling you how cold it was this morning when I got in the car to drive to school ...

January 9, 2008
Ice crystals from inside my car windshield