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emmeline in dots

Emmeline Apron for Tie One On Polka Dots

EDIT: Pattern is now available at my store!

I couldn't resist making a polka-dot Emmeline apron for this month's Tie One On. For those of you wondering about the release date for the Emmeline Apron and the Mischievous Gnome Messenger Bag patterns, your wait is almost over. The patterns should be shipped from the printer's at the beginning of next week.  They just might arrive in time to do a first shipment of orders before my parents (a.k.a. warehouse and shipping managers) head off once again (poor souls) to Hawaii, where they will be until the first week of February.

So here's what I'm planning on doing: sign up for my mailing list in the side bar, and you will receive a special discount and the ability to pre-order. In about a week I'll be sending the pre-ordering instructions to the list, along with a firm shipping date for the patterns - either January 26th or February 7th, depending on the speed of the printers and UPS.

Excitement! I can't wait to get these patterns out and see what your brilliant minds and agile sewing machines come up with!