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the second apron pocket 1

the second apron ruffle

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The Next Apron Pattern

Number Two apron pattern The Elsie Mae is no longer just a drawing on paper! Here she is, in her first workup.  Number Two features all the fifties' flair imaginable, with a ruffled hem, two pockets with cloth-covered button details, a gathered waistband, and some optional bodice bows. For a perfect fit, Number Two offers a curved seam bodice and skirt, which lend it its retro vibe. Fully lined, Number Two has no exposed seams and will last long enough for your great-granddaughter to put it to good use. The only thing Number Two doesn't have is a name!

That's where you come in! Help me give Number Two a name she can be proud of! Leave a comment, and in a week's time I will pick the name that most tickles my fancy. Keep in mind that I like the idea of old-fashioned women's names for my aprons (i.e. Emmeline) but I'm open to other possibilities as well. The winner will receive a copy of The Apron Book by EllynAnne Geisel!

Thank you for all of your suggestions! A winner has been picked, and the apron has a name!


After the naming, all that's left is writing the instructions, drafting the pattern pieces in Illustrator, laying out everything in InDesign, sending the draft out to testers, revising, re-sending, and printing. Nothing at all, really! But this naming contest should be so much fun. Maybe I'll even get some ideas for naming my future children, as well. :)

Happy naming!