puppets on a stick

special announcement intermission

I do hope you don't mind a little intermission in your puppet show, but I have a special announcement to make ....

front of mischievous gnome messenger bag sewing pattern

front of emmeline apron sewing pattern

The new patterns are officially up for sale! Maybe you've already heard through the grapevine, or received special notice through my mailing list, but it's time to shout out, loud and clear ...
Here ye! Here ye!
Get your Emmeline Apron and Mischievous Gnome Messenger Bag patterns
hot off the press!


I would like to give a big shout out to my wonderful/marvelous/incredible pattern testers. Karla, Amy, Patti, Ellen, Maren and Jill from the Secret Stitch Club, Kate, Susan & Tod, Monique, and Heather ... you've really made these patterns top-notch. I couldn't have done it without you! Monique has posted a great review of the Mischievous Gnome Messenger Bag - head back to her blog in a few days to read her upcoming review of the Emmeline Apron pattern. (And did you notice that her bag is also featured on the pattern front? Aren't her fabric choices to die for?!)
You can buy your patterns at my website, http://www.montessoribyhand.net/, or my esty store, http://www.montessoribyhand.etsy.com/. I'm also giddy to announce that Quilter's Resource Inc. and Eagle Pattern Depot have picked up my line for distribution to independent sewing stores nationwide! Eeek! Can you tell I'm excited? So hopefully you'll be able to support your local sewing stores and purchase the patterns there, too! If your local store doesn't know about the patterns, it would be wonderful if you could ask for them. For an ever- growing list of stores that carry the patterns, click here.
Thanks SO much for all of your support and kind words - this has been a wild adventure, and I never would have started off on this trek had it not been from your warm words of encouragement. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.