the color of love

to the one I love

An early Valentine.

Dear Patrick,

Seven years ago today, you invited me out to dinner. During that dinner, we had a flawless, invigorating conversation. At some point in that conversation, I told you very firmly that the last thing I was interested in was dating anyone. Thanks for being persistent in your wooing, and doing it all with your wry sense of humor and keen intellect. Your persistence was well placed. I think it only took me two more weeks to fall head-over-heels in love with you and get that tingle that shot up my spine when you walked into the room.

We've gallivanted across Europe together, learned two foreign languages together, lived on a negative income together, lived without a dishwasher and washing machine together, cooked together, lived in Mexico together, gotten lost while hiking (without water) together, been sick together, been to funerals of loved ones together, but most of all, we've laughed A LOT together.
Perhaps that's why you married me in the first place. You probably thought to yourself, "Hey, this girl laughs at every joke I make. That's pretty nice. I think I'll marry her." But really, even as we get old and saggy, I'll know that I picked a winner. A guy who can make me laugh at every turn of the road. Your wit is unmatched, my love.

How did you do that with your hair? 5

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Let me try to be serious for a while, which is hard to do around you. Here's what I think of you - you are a genius - a clear-thinking, logic-loving, mathematical wiz. You have a head full of facts that makes you a conversational gem. You are respectful and calm.  Wise and thoughtful. You care about justice, and feel obligated to do something to draw attention to the plight of the have-nots - those who form the forgotten backbone of this capitalist system that benefits not them, but the few for whom they clean house.

You have a love for history, and are passionate about learning from it in order to make informed decisions about present day economic and political situations. You work to produce amazing videos such as this one, to get the word out to our unfortunately myopic society:

You are leading us on to our next adventure, having been accepted to study for your PhD in Latin American History at your top choices, Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill. You're an incredible and patient teacher. I know this because you've tried to teach me theoretical calculus. I say "tried" because I simply didn't want to do any homework. You, on the other hand, were fascinating to listen to.

You play the piano while I sing along, you cuddle up to me as we watch our physics course, you bake incredible whole wheat bread from scratch. You are my best friend, and I love you.

These past seven years have been incredible, and I can't wait for more.