yes, mom, i do wear yellow
oh give me a home ...

reflections on flowers and lycra body suits

bleeding heart

Greetings from California! Visiting with family is pretty swell - but doing so amongst these stunning blooms is even better. I arrived during prime petal time.

Enjoy the garden tour - I'll try to check in from time to time, but you know how wedding weekends go. Plus, I have to practice walking in high heels - something I haven't done since I played Sandra D in my high school production of Grease, when I had to dance across a counter top in stilettos and a lycra body suit, while singing, in front of an entire auditorium of spectators. Did I mention that the counter top, being a prop and all, was on wheels? Truly, the scariest moment of my life.  Last night, I had a vision of me gingerly walking up to do the reading, teetering dangerously on the top step, and tumbling gracelessly to the ground. I keep on telling myself that walking up church stairs is nothing compared to dancing and singing on top of a wobbly counter in a skin-tight body suit. Ah well. If I do fall, it will make a great story to add to the comical family lore.

giant dutch tulip


daffodils, peach and white

california poppies

zoe the shih tzu chrysanthemum head

Zoe, my parents' chrysanthemum-headed Shih Tzu.