big news, and a podcast to go with it
remember me and smile

reflections with red shoes

First off, I wanted to express my gratitude for your kindness and sweet words about the podcast. Thank you so much for that. As a natural introvert, I sometimes struggle with "putting myself out there" and I always get a bit nervous when announcing a new pattern, or, in this case, announcing a new pattern and a podcast interview on the same day! There's so much of myself - my time, my creative energy, and my passion - that I put into each creation of mine, that that I find it difficult at times to separate my own identity and self-worth from the physical products themselves. This, of course, gets easier with time, but those butterflies always seem to flutter around my stomach at times like these. When you take the time to leave a comment or send an email, it really calms my nerves and reminds me that I'm among supportive friends. Thank you a thousand times over. I wish I could respond to every one of you, but, as I'm sure you understand, I'm two weeks away from moving and am in my last days of teaching - once the dust of the move has settled I will have so much more time to be in touch.

wee wonderfuls quilting bee wall quilt

A doll-sized embroidered quilt for decking the walls of my new studio. Pattern by Wee Wonderfuls. Shoes by Miz Mooz. And no, I really don't know why there are shoes in the photo. A bit of toe-tappin,' fun-with-the-camera-remote craziness, for sure!

Speaking of moving, I'm already starting to fantasize about my future studio. Now that I let slip in the podcast that I have a book project up my sleeve, you might have guessed that there's been a lot of behind-the-scenes sewing going on around these parts. And there will be plenty more once we settle in to our new home in Durham. Lots and lots and lots of sewing. I'm so giddy that I'll have an ENTIRE ROOM dedicated to my creative exploits!

In the spirit of taking my sewing to the next level, my current sewing machine, an old-school Kenmore which I purchased used four years ago, will be staying behind in Mexico to spend its retirement making classroom materials. As for her replacement? I have my eye on a Bernina, either this model or this one. I really want to take up quilting, which is something that I haven't been able to do on my current machine - which doesn't even have a walking foot. Any suggestions? I'm also going to be in the market for a serger, most likely the Babylock Imagine or Evolve. Any bit of wisdom you could pass on would be most helpful.

While I'm soliciting advice - can you guide me in the right direction for low- or toxic-free paint? Any particular brands that have a healthy selection of colors? One of the first tasks in our new place will be to paint the room that will be my studio. I think you'll understand why after peeking at this photo that I took of the room when the former tenants were still in residence. While it's not actually as dark as it seems, that green has got to go. I'm thinking a pretty light blue will do the trick.

But back to the moment and the task at hand - I have to compose letters to my students for tomorrow's goodbye. I'm planning a fun day with lots of singing. I couldn't think of a better memory to leave with them and to take away with me.