countdown to goodbye, days 18 and 17
big news, and a podcast to go with it

singing in the rain

A riddle: What's closed in by the neighbor's concrete wall, at the lowest elevation in the neighborhood, and surrounded by a moat that has no outlet?

Ah hah! You guessed it ... my house!

whoosh ... and we were in the middle of a pond

It was fast. Furious. Muddy. Funny. My cat even peed his "pants" out of fear of the sound of the 2 cm diameter hail that came along with the rain. There I was, camera in hand, frantically throwing duffel bags, files and packing supplies on top of beds.

water rushing in


here it comes

Trickle. Pour.

cats, there will be no playing with THAT toy

I must say, the bathroom has never looked this shiny.

wow, look how shiny my bathroom is!

Three rooms are under an inch or so of water. The equipment we have at our disposal here in the Mexican hinterlands includes a mop and a few buckets. You know what I want to do?

why not have wine in an old olive glass?

Have a glass of wine in an old olive jar. Laugh. There's nothing like leaving Mexico with a bang. Or a splash.

**I'm still doing the classroom countdown to goodbye, only the countdown has been accelerated. The last day of school was moved up to the 20th due to some government educational bureaucracy. Seven days left.**