fun for nothin' challenge
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the smell and taste of summer

Jorge's watermelon

"When nothing else subsists from the past, after the people are dead, after the things are broken and scattered, the smell and taste of things remain poised a long time, like souls bearing resiliently, on tiny and almost impalpable drops of their essence, the immense edifice of memory"
-Marcel Proust "The Remembrance of Things Past"

Edna and Ximena's watermelons

Watermelon. One whiff, one minuscule drop of its sweet juice on my tongue, and I am immediately transported to the spirit of summers past - those endless days which were spent running through sprinklers, constructing subterranean abodes for little creatures, and building secret hideouts. Those sweet, long summers of childhood. I love speculating that with every joyful, juicy bite, with every drippy, sticky chin, these children are constructing their own happy memories of summer.

Maria's watermelon

The Fun for Nothin' Flickr group is already brimming with great, no-cost children's activities! I especially like this one and this one. Keep the ideas coming!