the smell and taste of summer
feeling good

adios, see you in dixie!

So I've been a bit busy, as my absence must have indicated. All of the fabric scraps are stuffed in blenders and mugs. We're eating out because all of the kitchenware has been cozied in to boxes for a little rest. Tomorrow morning's shower will be curtain-less and comical, I imagine.

The past week and a half has been saturated with social gatherings and goodbyes. (Um, as I write this, the desk has been taken out from under me.) Mexicans are really good at goodbyes, a talent that I'm not sure I possess.

I meant to write a tad more, but a last walk with my love to our isolated lookout is beckoning. Tomorrow morning we fly to Durham with two cats in bags. I'm sure they'll love that, right cats? Here's to hoping they'll love anything when on their "happy pills." We're in Durham, sleeping and eating on the floor for two days, then we fly back to Chihuahua with NC license plates in tote, attach them to our Toyota, fill it up, then drive to El Paso to pick up the other half of our storage, rent a Penske truck with a car trailer, and drive all the way to Durham. Wish us luck, good weather, and a lot of mental stamina!

I'll be back here in two or three weeks, after we're settled!