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We're here ... physically and mentally! While our move was technically complete about a week and a half ago, we were still living in that post-move euphoria/box squalor until a few days back. What an interesting stage that is, the we're here and the hardest part is over so let's relax, but wait ... we're still living in total chaos, so let's not sleep until everything is livable stage. I'm pleased to announce that things are finally livable around here. We have a put-together kitchen. A music room. A living room. A bedroom (even if our mattress is on the floor.) My studio is freshly painted and waiting the refinishing of a nine foot-long work table. There's no sewing machine yet, but that will soon change. (Can you see me jumping up and down in gleeful anticipation?)

Thank you for all of your well wishing and positive thoughts sent our way as we completed this epic journey. It went as well as it could have gone, with no glitches to speak of, no stories that are only funny in retrospect. The cats are here and very pleased with their screened-in porch. All of our things arrived, and we were able to furnish our house cheaply with second-hand treasures. We quickly found a pair of bicycles which signal a lifestyle change and a turn away from our own dependence on fossil fuels. Things are looking bright and green from this new perspective.

I'll leave you with my current theme song for this Monday morning. Gotta love that Nina Simone. Wishing you a lovely day, wherever you are.