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this photo's for you, mom
This shot's for my Mom, who's been dying to see my new haircut and the freshly painted walls in my soon-to-be studio. Wam bam badabing! Two birds down.

First, the hair. Love it. I've had short hair ever since I became a francophile and spent a semester skipping along the cobblestone streets near the Loire and whispering je t'aime to my then-new love between sips of red wine. That same love of mine still has a preference for short hair (or perhaps it just reminds him of being twenty in France?) Anyway, I'm happy happy. It's so easy. I'm also sodium laureth sulfate and other creepy chemical-free. For the past few weeks I've been using baking soda and apple cider vinegar to wash and condition my hair, an idea I found via Amy. Even Patrick is converted. And really, if Patrick drank the Kool-Aid, anyone can. :)

Second, the studio color. Love that, too. We rode our bikes to Home Depot (for lack of a good ol', family owned hardware store within biking distance) and I stood in front of the wall of paint chips. I couldn't find any of the low- or non-toxic brands that you all so highly recommended, and we're really trying not to use the car, so I allowed my hand to drift to this color, drawn by magnetic attraction. It's almost a Mexican aqua, but not quite. It's wasn't until downloaded this picture and had a good look at it that I realized my subconscious had other motives for loving this color. Recognize it? It's none other than Behr's Sweet Rhapsody, the same color that bedecks the walls of Amanda's studio. Ha! Amanda has clearly set the standard for the perfect studio color! Now to finishing the shelving and that huge table ... the studio should be in working order in a few days time.


puff chair heaven

That is, if I don't get stuck in this insanely comfortable puff chair that arrived yesterday as a gift from my parents. Holy cow. All I want to do is read.