drum roll, please

anna tunic

anna tunic take two

anna tunic button detail

Meet Miss Anna. If Nina Simone's Feeling Good is my theme song, the Anna tunic is my theme shirt. Why? Buttons.

I know I must have sung the praises of button covering kits before, but this merits redundancy. Funky buttons can make the entire garment come alive. I'm just so bummed that I can't see the buttons when I'm wearing the shirt. Perhaps you'll understand if I turn my back on you in the middle of a conversation. Ha!

The pattern: I found the language intuitive and the diagrams helpful, although I wouldn't recommend it for a newbie due to some trickiness in attaching the yoke. It took me about three hours to complete, and at least half of that was spent ironing and cutting the fabric. A word about sizing - I cut out a Medium, as per my measurements, but I had to go back and take in the seams by one inch on each side seam under the arm. (I tapered the new seam into the waist line). I'm guessing this is because I'm bustier than I am broad in the back. Just keep this in mind while cutting out the pattern. Go with the size indicated, then be sure to try on the bodice once you've sewn the initial side seams and before you've sewn the lining and exterior bodice together at the underarm seam. If the underarm seam is a little floppy, pin it and sew the seam again to meet your own dimensions.

The sewing machine: Yum. Everything about it is perfect. My stitches look really pro - something that was definitely not the case on my old machine. Truth be told, I'm having a difficult time writing this post because I'm looking with longing to my left, where my machine sits ... batting her eyelashes and begging to be used. I'm such a sucker for that look!

Back with another project soon!