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drum roll, please


The studio is up and running! Whenever I walk in here, I swoon. I love it - the 9-foot long table and shelving that Patrick spent days refinishing, the antique Mexican sewing machine perched up high, the wedding ring quilt and crocheted blanket that I found at my local thrift store, and, of course, my new sewing machine and serger. I went with a Bernina Aurora 430 and a Bernina 1300MDC, a combination overlocker/cover stitch model.

I promise more detail soon, but I have to run to get to my class on how to use my new serger. I'm experiencing a creative bottle neck - so many ideas and projects, how is one to decide where to begin?

Perhaps some meditative bird watching before taking the project plunge. Yes. That sounds good.

bird watching from the studio 2