my life as an animal

Amelie napping in a sunbeam

Amelie sure knows how to take advantage of that oh-so-warm, late summer light. I've been doing a bit of the same, relishing these last few days of my unofficial summer break. (An official summer break would not have included an international move. Ahem.) My parents returned to the West coast after a nice visit, during which my mom brought our house up to "Mom Standards," for which I am very grateful. In other words, even the boxes in the basement that were threatening to remain unpacked for all eternity were somehow unpacked and organized. Nothing like an fresh pair of helping hands to get the job done.

And thus begins my new life - working from home. I'm still experimenting with this new rhythm. Hours fly by just as fast when you work from home, and I am easily distracted by sundry knitting and and household projects. (It must be nearing Autumn - I have yarn brain.) I do have a few big things in the works which I will be weaving into my writing in these next few weeks, so focus is going to be essential. I envision this blog becoming a more integral part of my days, helping me to reflect upon and ground me in my creative endeavors. So, expect to see me around these parts more regularly - even daily. This space is calming, cathartic, and challenging all wrapped in one. Thanks for meeting me here, my friends.