holiday traditions exchange
"mama to mama" and haiti




All part of being pregnant, I suppose. And yes, I've developed an irrational love of raw, grated beets.

Other indulgences I've had as of late ::

:: a pair of much-needed warm slippers for myself (yes, I have small feet)

:: signing up for a prenatal yoga class, hoping to meet some like-minded mamas

:: wishing for one of these incredible baby blankets from JCasa - in red, aqua, and white

:: participating in a holiday stocking swap (and mine, of course!)

:: eyeing these winter boots, hint, cough, ahem, Mom? Patrick? (Shoes are the only "clothing" item that I can wish for this year, as my future winter bump will size me right out of anything Anthropologie.) Boo. Not that I ever get anything from Anthropologie - it's just that I'll miss making that mental wish list.

Wishing you an indulgent Halloween. For most of you with young children, that will mean handfuls of candy. For me, that just means raiding the baking cupboard for chocolate chips.