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i'm baking big time

peaceful morning

peaceful breakfast

I took a moment this morning to enjoy some leftovers from dessert and game night with our new friends. The apple galette was to die for. And the teacup and saucer? Part of a set of five - a lucky thrifting find right up the road. This picture doesn't do them justice. They make me ridiculously happy. This is my first cup and saucer set. No more drinking from the "Congrats Graduate" mug that I've had since 8th grade. Goodbye and good riddance to all the ugliness that once tainted my tea. I feel like, once and for all, I have left that limbo of the post-college years. (This period was exceptionally long for me, due to the move to Mexico and all, with its accompanying pressure to keep all material possessions to a minimum.) My house is finally starting to feel like a home.

Now I just need a frame for my mattress so we can stop sleeping on the floor - and a dining table. I'm waiting for the perfect, pine farmhouse table to show up on one of my thrifting outings. Thumb twiddle. In the meantime, these teacups are the icing on the cake, even though the cake's not quite done.

Other things:

- Sign-ups for the Holiday Traditions Exchange are officially closed. Thanks for your enthusiastic response! I have a handful of partners left to email. Please email your partner to introduce yourself right away and keep your commitment to your partner. If, for some reason, you aren't able to get in contact with your partner, shoot me an email. I could have goofed and sent you the wrong address. In any case, once you have made contact, remember that it is incumbent on you to send out your package by December 13th. (Earlier if you have an international partner!)

- Thanks for the tips on fusing plastic bags. If you're interested in trying, check out the suggestions in the comments, and be sure to proceed in a well-ventilated area due to some concern of fumes. (Don't worry, I tried this before I got pregnant, and in a well-ventilated area!)

- Speaking of pregnancy, my little tenant is finally starting to make me look pregnant. At least I think so. The world might just assume that I'm waist-less. Ah well. I owe you a belly pic. And I owe myself a few pairs of maternity pants. Old Navy? Any other non-frump suggestions?

- Stay tuned for big news tomorrow!