oh boy!

simple holidays :: from the studio

simple holidays :: red and white notions

That was one crazy week.
-My first book deadline called for me to send off about half of my finished projects for cover and promotional photo shoots. Everything was done and in the mail yesterday - a nice feeling, to say the least.
-Baby boy started bouncing around his house this week! He must like music, because ...
-I've had three, three-hour choir rehearsals and two performances this week. Last one is today at four at the Duke Chapel, for anyone interested. I'll be that lazy, noticeably pregnant lady who gets to sit in a chair while her fellow chorus members sweat it out on the stands.
-My holiday traditions swap package is boxed and ready to go on Monday. (Yes, you heard me ... I missed my own deadline. Gasp! But, then again, that was silly of me to assume that I was superwoman and could manage a book deadline and a swap deadline on the same day. (One day late, Melissa - but I'm sure you'll love it!)
-I took some time to write my Congressperson and Senators, letting them know about the risk to independent, natural toy makers if the Consumer Safety Improvement Act goes into effect without modifications. Thanks to Kirsten for letting me know. I've put a button on my side bar that you can click on for more information. Read up on the debate on Etsy, as well. I'm totally horrified at the thought of Etsians being put out of business by this. I'm also scared of the implications for Montessori schools and parents nation-wide. I, for one, do not want plastic, factory-made, Chinese toys to be the only ones that I can provide my son. I want to continue to shop at Etsy and Michael Olaf.

simple holidays :: studio mug

Despite it all, there were still moments of peace amidst the whirring of the sewing machine.

simple holidays :: messy studio

And lest you all think that my studio maintains its stateliness during all of this craziness, here's proof otherwise.

simple holidays :: studio tree

A little bit of cheer from my "searching for the simple in the midst of the frantic" house to yours!