25 weeks
house tour: the living room

house tour: the studio

There's currently no fabric strewn across the floor, so come on in! I know you've seen glimpses of my studio before, but that was before all of the living and sewing that has occurred here in the past several months. Welcome to my favorite spot in the house, where I spend my days/nights/wee small hours of the morning.

The nine-foot long wooden table is a local thrift store find that we painted white. As for the red shelving that houses my fabric? That's the only "new" furniture in here. We bought it at an unfinished furniture store for a reasonable cost and stained it ourselves.

We have had a significant change around here in the past week - I have a new office mate! The gossip is great, he sometimes brings me lunch, and he's really cute. My husband Patrick has officially been displaced by the baby room preparations, and has brought his slew of grad school books and paper writing exploits into the studio. He is, however, under the strictest guidelines to keep all of his books and papers off of the floor, because the floor, as we all know, is for fabric.

the dear husband's corner

The room is painted with Behr's Sweet Rhapsody. The tall, white shelf to the right is built-in, and houses all of my craft books, mags, camera gear, iron, embroidery floss, fabric scraps, paper supplies, the Xyron , and a file box containing all of my sewing and knitting patterns.

work desk

Here's my desk - a white, thrifted number. Above it is my inspiration board, an easy make using burlap sacks that have been hot-glued around cork boards from Michael's. Currently, I have a lot of old pictures of my mom and dad peppering the display, along with the constant presence of a few pages from the most recent Anthropologie catalogue.

inspiration wall 1

The mini clothes pins are from Impress Rubber Stamps. The calendar is a PDF download from Etsy seller Little Brown Pen.


Here's a favorite corner - a gauzy, antique baby dress displayed above my to-do-list/miscellaneous niceties board. Some thrifted doilies, along with one made by my great-great Aunt Dorothy, decorate the spot.

to-do board with great-great aunt's doily and thrifted baby dress

re-covered ironing board

Recently, I re-covered my ugly, icky ironing board using Lisa's fabo tutorial.

the brown bucket was what my great-grandmother used for her notions

Here' a bit more family history on working display - my great-grandmother's brown notions bucket, where I house my buttons.

pattern packaging central

Finally, I've revamped the pattern packaging/shipping area. All of the patterns used to be in boxes on the floor in this corner, but that was an untenable situation given 25+ weeks of pregnancy. Repeatedly bending over to grab patterns was not doing wonders for my back. Enter an ugly little table that we were going to get rid of via Craigslist, bedeck it with an antique, hand-quilted wedding ring quilt that I grabbed for $8 at a local thrift store, and my back (and eyes) are much, much happier with the situation.

Up next this week - living room and kitchen house tours!