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little bits quilt

little bits quilt for baby

Here it is - baby's first quilt, from the "little bits" pattern in Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts. I'm in love with all of its washed, puckering goodness. What it is not - and this was intentional - is a baby quilt. I wanted to make something with functional longevity - something that he could use well past babyhood and childhood. Plus, since he will have a twin-sized Montessori floor bed for the occasional nap and once he decides that he wants to sleep in his own bed, this small, twin-sized quilt fit the bill.

little bits quilt for baby

I used organic bamboo and cotton batting by Nature-Fil, which I found at my local Joann's. A bit of advice if you spend a lot of time cutting and basting on a hardwood floor like I do: volleyball knee pads. While it would be nice if my extra pregnancy "padding" went into my knees instead of my boobs at this point, I've given up hope and invested in a cushy set of knee pads. Why haven't I seen these mentioned as essential sewing tools anywhere else? I have high hopes that they will do much to improve my book project sewing in the coming months, as well. If you are a floor cutter, don't start one more project until you have a pair! I promise that you will be as happy as a clam.