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SPOONFLOWER! must. sit. on. hands.

Okay, this is just too much for me. Not only can you design and print your own fabric with Spoonflower, you can use Adobe Illustrator images as well as photos, paintings, and hand drawings. All that, plus this place is just a few miles down the road from me. Um, field trip? Yes. I have this sudden urge to become a fabric designer and throw all of my pattern writing to the wind. (Don't worry. I'm totally sitting on my hands. I WILL NOT ALLOW MYSELF to do anything with Spoonflower until my little deadline is met.)

But, geez - talk about scream-out-loud awesome. You can read even more about Spoonflower here.

**EDIT** It just occurred to me - wouldn't this be great for printing children's artwork to fabric? Oh, the possibilities!