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house tour: the kitchen

amy's orange chocolate scones with tea
Okay, this photo isn't taken in my kitchen. But honestly, it's much nicer looking at this photo of something yummy made in my kitchen than the actual photos of the kitchen. What with the poor lighting, the tight quarters, and my inability to get a shot that really captured much of anything, this here pic of an orange chocolate scone will have to suffice for the requisite bloggy eye candy. (The recipe, by the way, is out-of-this-world good - it came in my Mailorder #9 from Angry Chicken.)

So here we go. I apologize for the cruddy photos. There's something about an orange kitchen with not-so-large windows that really wrecks your confidence as an amateur photographer!

kitchen 1

No fancy, chrome fridge here. Just big ol' whitey sporting a few family pics, Mexico memorabilia, and a magnetic pad of paper for writing a grocery list. And no, the sink area is not always this clean. Washing cookware by hand is not on the top of my list right now, as I really don't go out seeking activities that are guaranteed to give me a backache for the rest of the day - you try being 5' 4" with a big belly and leaning over that sink! Too bad Patrick only does housework if he has a This American Life to listen to on his headphones ... now where is that ipod? They must have a new show up by now ... maybe I could get him hooked on CraftSanity podcasts in the meantime?

My favorite kitchen decor item is "The Cupcake Peddlers" framed print from The Black Apple. I have another cute-as-a-button print from Emily of a hedgehog doing laundry. The only problem is that I, personally, hate doing laundry, and I can't bring myself to hang that sweet little print in the dark, dank underbelly of the house that is the unfinished basement laundry room. Nope, I wouldn't even think of taking you on a basement tour. Nuh-uh.

kitchen 2

I have a few aprons hanging on hooks for easy access. Because, in the spirit of real-life confessions, I'm an extremely messy cook. I really do need to wear an apron - not for aesthetic preferences, but to protect my clothes. I've lost count of how many shirts I have ruined with splattered oil. Come to think of it, perhaps I should design a sewing pattern for an industrial hazard suit apron, which would provide maximum coverage. Just kidding. But it's what I really need.

We recently removed the cabinet doors because they were ugly, dirty, and all-around unimpressive. Plus, I've found that if I have open shelving, it's so much easier to keep things organized. I can see all of my cookbooks, and I can tell when I need to buy more all-purpose flour, for example. It's fun, too, to be able to use my purple dishware, vintage glass serving pieces, and growing collection of Le Creuset aqua cookware (thanks, Mom!) as functional decoration. Unfortunately, this fun shelf is on the other side of the stove, and I would have had to knock out a wall to get a decent photo.

shelf storage

I have big plans for the kitchen once our little boy starts walking around. Right now, I have a hand-me-down bench in the kitchen nook corner. Eventually, I'll have a child-sized table and easily accessible shelving with his food preparation activities prominently displayed for his use. I believe that the kitchen is the backbone of Montessori practical life exercises and ours will definitely reflect that once the time is right.

kitchen nook bench

For the time being, this bench displays some of my first embroidery projects as well as some fabric from my stash. It's not a sewn cover or anything, it's just strategically tucked around the cushion. This way, I can effortlessly change it to suit my whims.

Happy cooking to all!