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i'm in love with the mailman

gift from JCHandmade - beautifully simple wrapping

Wait - no, I'm in love with what he leaves at the front door. Ahem. I'm sure our baby will look like Patrick in some way. :)

The talented Jennifer from jchandmade sent me the most lovely, thoughtful, and generous gift. Such beautiful, eco-friendly wrapping, and such incredible contents.

gift from JCHandmade - organic sleep sack for baby
An organic cotton, hand-knit sleep sack for the baby

Perfect for summer sleeping in the South! I just love the ribbed cable detail at the top. Thank you so much, Jennifer! I'm sure this will become a family heirloom. What a lucky little one, to be surrounded by hand-knit goodness, even if his Mama doesn't have time to finish that long list of newborn knits before he arrives. I'm told that once he makes his appearance I'll have plentiful knitting time. Hey, if Amanda can knit so many projects with three children and a newborn, I can certainly find some quality needle time, right?

gift from JCHandmade - Mama wrist cuff

Jennifer also slipped in a treat for me. I'm really loving this asymmetrical wrist cuff! It's my first official "Mama" wear. Well, other than the maternity jeans! You can make your own using Jennifer's free PDF pattern.

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