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dangerous things

in which i jump up and down and clap my hands

russian nesting dolls 1

You can't see me, but that's what I'm doing. In my head, at least. Look at what arrived on my doorstep this morning!

russian nesting dolls 2

Vintage, hand-painted Russian nesting dolls from Blue Bell Bazaar. The set of five contains two men and three women. I just can't get over the details - the little boy in the middle with his yellow tea cup, the wistful girl with purple sleeves who is thoughtfully touching her cheek, the green coat of the red-headed maiden, the twirled mustache of the gentleman ...
russian nesting dolls 3
These are for the baby's room. At first, they will be displayed on a wall shelf out of reach. Once he passes the "exploring the world with the mouth" stage, they will be offered as an opening and closing exercise on the Montessori practical life shelf. We had a set of Russian nesting dolls in my classroom in Mexico, and it was a hit.

This set, however, seems extra special. It's signed by the artist. Each doll is different, and I've never seen a set that features men. Perfect for a little boy. 

Excuse me ... I have to go stare at the dolls again.