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more moos

more moos

Why are they called Moo Cards? In any case, my moos have arrived ... after many, many moons. You see, I ran out of moos in December. (I put one in each pattern package that I send out). I thought I ordered more. I waited and waited, and given that they ship from England, I was expecting it to be a few weeks. Come to find out, I never ordered them. I just thought about ordering them. So much, apparently, that I came to believe that I had ordered them. Pregnancy brain or just pure ditzy-ness? I vote for pregnancy brain.

At any rate, I finally figured out that I needed to place an order, and once I did they arrived within two weeks.

I love these little things. In fact, I need to gush a little more about stuff from England today. That fabric in the background? Yup. That's a Liberty Tana Lawn print from across the water. Eep! It's so nice. And no, I didn't buy it myself. I guess that's one of the benefits of writing a sewing book, eh? Free fabric for book projects!

For those of you who asked: I found my glass jars for storing dry goods at World Market, and the slipcover is from SureFit.

Thanks for all of your compliments on the house tour. There's still more to see - our bedroom and the baby's learning environment. Those are still a work in progress. Our mattress is still on the floor and will be until IKEA Charlotte opens its doors in a few weeks. We looked and looked for a used, king-sized platform bed frame but we've never been able to find one. (We need a platform bed because our mattress was a lucky find - a slightly used TempurPedic on Love that thing. I attribute my continued ability to sleep comfortably at night to that mattress - even if it's on the floor and extremely difficult to haul my preggo body out of in the morning!)

Anyway, more house tours when things start coming together!

Have a lovely weekend!