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sponsor offer :: little alouette

Welcome to our new sponsor, Little Alouette, an amazing husband and wife team that makes the most wonderful wooden teething toys!

From Amy:

"Over a decade ago a handsome British boy and an Ohio lass met and fell madly in love at first site in a sleepy university town. The boy was a classically trained master carpenter and the girl a writer with a bit of wanderlust. They worked together creatively through the years on many projects involving woodworking as they restored and remodeled homes together. The boy taught his love about trees on their land in the country and how to use power tools and the girl read poems to him while they worked. They started a journey of following their bliss and eventually brought two wee ones into the world and began creating wooden toys for them. They decided to share these wee wooden toys with the world and Little Alouette, LLC was born over hot steaming mugs of cocoa in the winter of 2007."

Amy has generously offered free shipping to Sew Liberated readers for today and tomorrow (Thursday) on any orders placed for the following teethers:

Ellie the Elephant Organic Maple Wood Teether

Just mention "Sew Liberated" in the note to the seller and your shipping costs will be refunded by Little Alouette. I'm heading off to get one for my little guy right now!

Life is a whirling dervish at the moment. You know how it goes - friends coming in for a long weekend, rehearsals and choir concerts, professional obligations for Patrick, book writing ... everything always happens at once. Which is why I'll have a cute knitting project to show you tomorrow. Because when things start spinning around quickly, you need those knitting needles to pin down your sanity. Stab. Haha! I got you! There will be no going insane this week!

Oh, geez ... or have I already lost it?