30 weeks
motherhood is ... finding balance

a glimpse at montessori parenting :: edison's day

Hello there! I'm back, but only briefly. Book writing and project making continues at full speed ahead. I'm somehow managing to remain sane. I think I can ... I think I can ... the top of this long hill is definitely in sight.

Here's some good news for both you and my sanity - I'll have the pleasure of sharing this space with some of my favorite bloggers, Maya, Grace, Marcy, and Jennifer, who will be posting here Tuesday through Friday. These women have been inspirational for me as I embark upon this journey into motherhood. Please give them a warm welcome as they share their reflections on the theme "motherhood is ...".

I'll leave you with this must-watch video, Edison's Day. It's about a typical day in the life of a 20 month-old boy being raised by his Montessori-trained parents. (If I recall, his mother, Sarah, is the one behind Primrose Materials - I'm not sure if they're still in business, as it's been years since their website was updated.) In it you will find abundant ideas on how to set up a home environment for a young child. My favorites? The "Feeding the Cat" practical life exercise (we'll definitely have that one in this house!) and the water spout at child's height. I also adore how his activities are dispersed throughout the house and aren't corded off in his room. He's clearly involved in every aspect of daily life in their household.

Back in February 2007, while attending the Montessori Centenary Celebration in San Francisco, I had the privilege of watching the premier of Edison's Day. Since then, I've been hoping that it would pop up somewhere in cyberspace, both to show Patrick and to watch it over and over and over again. Thank you, Kirsten, for sending me the link! Enjoy!

Edisons Day -

I just found some more useful links for parents - this video preview, as well as NAMTA's (North American Montessori Teacher's Association) parent resources. Doesn't that little toddler cookbook look fun?