swaggering into Spring
commentary and weekend sewing

behind the scenes 1

cherry blossom belly, 34 weeks, duke gardens
cherry blossom belly taken by Patrick, 34 weeks, Duke gardens

patrick taking a belly photo in duke gardens, by emily
Patrick doing the photo dance while taking the above shot, taken by my friend Emily

There's nothing quite like going for a stroll through blooming gardens with friends and family. We're all equally enraptured by the flowers bursting out all over, and the cameras are constantly wielded. Many different views of the same shot are downloaded and shared, and we get a privileged behind-the-scenes tour of both gardens and people.

I just love how seeing a photograph from a different perspective provides another glimpse at what would have been a forgotten moment - one that would have inevitably melded into the dominant viewpoint, lost to the limitations of human memory.

Everything, it seems, is made better with the presence of loved ones. Even photography.