motherhood is ...
swaggering into Spring

julie andrews philosophy and a sponsor offer

Happy weekending to you! A big thanks to once again to Maya, Marcy, Jennifer and Grace for their beautiful and thoughtful reflections on motherhood - and for giving me the opportunity to spend a very productive week focused on book writing. Things will be back to "normal" here next week, even though I still have plenty of work to do on the book. April 1st is my deadline. Until that day, I must continue to sing this song. (Is it just me, or is there a Julie Andrews song for every human situation? Yes, I think so. Well, then ... so much for the degree in philosophy ... I should have majored in musical theater!)

Today's sponsor offer is from LuSa Organics - I can personally attest to the wonderful yumminess of their stuff. I received my baby basket the other day, and I can't wait to bust it out come May. I'm particularly excited about the baby massage oil, as we will be receiving in-home instruction in the art of infant massage after the arrival of the babe. That, and I'll be spoiled with a professional postpartum massage. Isn't my dear Patrick the best?

Anyway, read on to learn more about LuSa.


LuSa Organics began as a hobby for environmental educator Rachel Wolf in 1997. After years of formulating recipes that denied logic in their deliciousness and sensory-magic-making, Rachel and husband Pete launched LuSa Organics in 2008, revealing a fresh new line of truly natural body care for mamas, babies, children, and the rest of us.


As for their name, LuSa stands for Lupine and Sage, Pete and Rachel's two favorite small people - their kids. The business orbits their children's lives as they live, work, play, and homeschool together each day. Their intention is to leave the world a better, happier, and yes, cleaner, so LuSa is inspired by all kids, not just their own.

LuSa Organics and the Wolf clan are based in Viroqua, Wisconsin — arguably the most magical small town on earth. All products are handcrafted by a loving collection of people dedicated to creating a more pleasurable and joyful world.


Add a scratch and dent Booty Balm to your order and with coupon code sdtravel3 it will be free! Booty Balm is great for diaper rash, but equally amazing for hang nails, wind burn, skinned knees, heat rash - any red, rashy, or sore skin.