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it's done!

the manuscript is done!

No, really - it is ... I'm not just pulling one over you on April Fool's Day! 210 pages of writing. I love that stack of pages. "My Life in the Past Six Months" is what it should be called, I think.

So there it is ... stuffed full of thirty sewing projects and fun anecdotes, waiting for the touch of the publisher's magic wand to turn it into a book.

I feel like I've given birth. I'm riding this wave of oxytocin or whatever that "love" hormone is, and I want to twirl around and around and dance and sing. I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity to write, to send forth into the world a piece of my creative self. The whole process required a leap of faith in my own creative abilities - I had to work through a healthy dose of self-doubt. Little by little, projects were made and instructions were written, and with the "birth" of each one, I gained a bit more confidence. I may not have been born a writer, but somehow I've become one. And I'm happy about that.

Now I'm ready for the real birth. Bring on the baby!