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Remember this hat? Last night I set out to make a set of matching newborn booties with the left over yarn. I thought it would be a relaxing project, a well-suited culmination to a day of sun, left-overs and porch-sitting. Boy was I wrong.

The pattern itself is wonderful - I highly recommend it: Cutie Booties Knit in the Round. She also has a set of instructions for the same booties knit on two needles, for those who prefer to avoid knitting in the round.

My problem? A teensy-weensy ball of yarn that seemed to get even more teensy and weensy very rapidly. I was totally biting my nails the whole time, because I wasn't going to be able to justify buying one more skein of this super-luxe silk yarn just to be able to finish 1/4 of a baby bootie.

Here's what was left over when I finished:
almost ran out

Lucky. So, so lucky.

And lo and behold, the baby now has a complete "first outfit" to keep him warm and comfy on the way home from the birthing center.

baby's first clothes

Hat: Hand-knit by mama, 1 skein Jade Sapphire's Maju 100% silk in Silver Fern, pattern from Leigh Radford's One Skein
Booties: left-over Maju, pattern from MadCowDog.
Shirt: Ruskovilla Oy newborn wool/silk shirt, a shower gift from my thoughtful sister-in-law
Diapers: Kissaluvs newborn fitted. I have 12 of these (thanks, Mom!) and another handful of hemp/cotton prefolds to start out with. I'm just not sure about making all of his diapers right now. I figured that we'll wait and see what his/our preferences are and then make the larger-sized diapers that work best for us. After all, we are doing EC, which should minimize our need for so many diapers in the future. We'll see ... I guess we'll just have to go with the flow - literally!