it's done!
just barely booties

leisure sewing

Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm about the turned-in book manuscript! To answer a recurring question - the book is due out on shelves in the beginning of December. I'll keep you updated about the progress and let you know when you can pre-order!

oliver + s playsuit close up

I've moved on to leisure sewing, and it feels oh. so. good. It's kind of reaffirming that I still like it as a hobby even though it's my job. Not a bad job to have! But you know what? I'm quite happy to read and follow other people's instructions for the time being. After months of coming up with my own projects and figuring out how to go about constructing them, I really want someone to do all of the thinking for me. I'll keep my brain working just enough to feed the fabric through my machine while singing loudly and thinking about my baby boy.

Hats off to Liesl of Oliver + S for providing me with the perfect project. This is the first hand-sewn garment for little Mr. Rib Kicker, and I dare say that it defies all of the preconceived notions that clothing for little boys is not as cute as clothing for little girls. I say bah to that. (But I also happen to think that froo-froo pinky-doo stuff for girls is bah. Just my opinion - I was a purple girl myself growning up, and we all know that purple girls define themselves as complete tomboys next to pink girls. :) )

I think the key to snazzy boys clothes is to avoid overtly "boy" themes (unless, of course, they are on a nice Japanese linen/cotton blend). As I look at the pile of stash fabric that I've set aside for baby boy garment construction, I see a lot of linen blends, browns, grays, and splashes of red, orange, blue and green. Almost everything will contain at least a small amount of a fun print - primarily from Kokka.

oliver + s playsuit 1

I have a hunch that the baby will live in these short suits during the hot, humid summer months. Their design is friendly for dressing, as it doesn't go on over the head. The snap crotch will make it easier to work on EC.

I hope to finish a few more of these over the weekend. I'm also thinking that his mama wants to sew he needs some matching sun caps. What do you think?

Have a relaxing weekend!