finnian's birth story, mother's day 2009
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rock me mama

Patrick really appreciated your kind words about our birth story. I was very grateful for his willingness to write it out from his perspective, as his calm presence was my rock throughout our birthing time. For both of us, the experience was overwhelmingly positive - for my part, I literally felt no pain - just extreme pressure. I highly recommend a Hypnobabies course for anyone curious about positive birthing alternatives, whether you choose a home birth, a birthing center birth, or a hospital birth.  

rock me mama

So, we've had a week of flying solo with the babe. Here's where he has spent most of his time. In a week, I've learned to do things that I never thought I'd be capable of doing. For instance:

  • pick up nursing pads and burp cloths with my toes, both right and left foot.
  • write a blog post while swaying side-to-side (as I'm constantly doing, apparently)
  • thread a serger and sew a diaper while singing to and bouncing a baby
  • cook dinner in between a diaper change and breastfeeding
  • put aforementioned cute diaper on baby which he promptly peed right through, while maintaining my cool and sense of humor

I'm sure the coming days will bring out even more hidden skills. The big skill I'm waiting to cultivate? Leaving the house alone and taking the baby to, say, the grocery store. Wow. That seems like the craziest idea! How do you mamas do it? Meanwhile, I'm perfecting discreet breastfeeding with the above sling. Once I can do this with aplomb, I'm pretty sure I can tackle Whole Foods.